Examination Cytogenetic examination of skin fibroblasts

In the cultured skin fibroblasts we can execute the cytogenetic examinations for: biochemical (metabolically, genetically derived diseases) and molecular. Cytogenetic examinations are being done in the event of chromosome mosaicism ( two or more cell lines of different karyotypes) procured in the cultivation of blood cells. Also when the phenotype of the patient suggests a different karyotype than the one obtained in the blood lymphocytes.

The existence of another cell line in blood can be small in comparison to the existence of cells originated from a different embryonic development, e.g. in skin fibroblasts.

In order to start the fibroblasts cultivation, a small sample of the skin is taken ( 2-3 mm) and after 3-4 weeks of cultivation we prepare the samples for cytogenetic analysis.

Chromosome mosaicism can relate to autosomes and sex chromosomes.

Due to the multiple-day cultivation of the samples, we advise you to contact us before coming to the examination.

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