Examination Cytogenetic examination of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood

Cytogenetic examination from the lymphocytes in the peripheral blood is a primary examination to determine the patient’s karyotype.  Karyotype analysis provides information about possible aberrations, number and structure of chromosomes.

It is advised to perform the examination in the event of:

  • Low reproductive potential ( lack of pregnancy, miscarriages, birth defects, before the assisted reproductive procedures, e.g. IVF)
  • People with puberty disorders ( aberrations in sex chromosomes) and patients with lack of identity with given metrical sex
  • Kids with birth defects from genetic irregularities ( exclusion or confirmation of basic trisomy, search for a miniscule, structural changes, like duplication, deletions, etc.)

Cytogenetic examination of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood includes a culture of lymphocytes, stimulated for division. The cultivation stops after 72h, the material is consolidated, stained cells prepared, and analysed microscopically with photographic documentation.

The results of examination are released after 3-4 weeks, but in the event of a more urgent case they can be done in 1 week.

The examination takes place in the treatment room where the doctor draws blood. It does not require the patient to be fasting.

Working hours of the nurse in the treatment room: Monday -Friday: 8:00-18:00

Due to the multiple-day cultivation of the samples, we advise you to contact us before coming to the examination.

Cytogenetic examination for couples with failed pregnancies is extremely important, because of the higher risk ( approx. 5-6%) of being a carrier of chromosome translocation, than (0,2%) in the population. The risk of birthing a child with chromosome aberration in this situation ranges from 11% up to 100%.

Blood for the cytogenetic examination must be put into the barren tube, with lithium heparin ( e.g. Medlab) in the quantity of 2-4 ml. It should be transported in the cooling container ( not frozen) up to 48 h.

Blood can be drawn in our blood collection facility at ul. Wieniawskiego 64 in Kraków.

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