Examination Cytogenetic examination of chorion after the miscarriage

Approximately 10 – 15 % of pregnancies end with spontaneous miscarriages. Explaining the reason for miscarriage is very important for the couples that lived through this traumatic experience. It is often that the miscarriage is also an another pregnancy loss. Many of the examinations done on the regular basis, do not answer these questions.

It turns out that in the chorion examination of the miscarried pregnancy (6-12 week) we can detect the chromosome aberrations in 70-80% of cases.

The base of a viable result is the genetic analysis (cytogenetic or molecular) of the properly taken chorion sample. It should be stored in the physiological saline with the addition of antibiotic ( e.g. Ampicylin), in the fridge for a short period of time and promptly transported to the lab.

The quality of chorion is  verified under the microscope.  Chorion cells, under the influence of enzymes ( trepsin and collagenase), are cultivated for 2 weeks, then consolidated, and made into suitable samples for cytogenetic analysis.

In the lab where the examination is done, with the molecular method, the cultivation of chorion is not required.

Trisomy 16, 21, 15, 14, 18, 13, 22 are amongst the most common chromosome aberrations that can be found, but the trisomy of other chromosomes are also possible. We can find the monosomy of chromosome and triploids ( 69, XXX or 69, XXY). More rare are trisomy with Robertson translocation of acrocentric chromosomes or unstable translocations between two different chromosomes.

Most of these cases are spontaneous aberrations, but structural aberrations should be verified with the cytogenetic examination by the parents in order to exclude the possibility of being a carrier.

Chorion examination after the miscarriage limits the execution of other diagnostical examinations and accelerate the detection of cause of the miscarriage.

Due to the multiple-day cultivation of the samples, we advise you to contact us before coming to the examination.

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The primary condition for viable results of cytogenetic material after the miscarriage is the sterile sample of chorion. The material has to be immersed in the physiological saline and delivered as fast as possible.


The properly taken sample of chorion

Unsuitable material for examination

Comparison of the material