Our specialization Cytogenetic, post and prenatal examinations

Over the course of the last 10 years we executed over a thousand karyotype examinations, gaining a profound experience in the cytogenetic field.

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Karyotypes from the chorion
1 000 Karyotypes from the chorion
Karyotypes from the amniocytes
3000 Karyotypes from the amniocytes
Karyotypes form the peripheral blood
10 000 Karyotypes form the peripheral blood
Karyotypes from the skin fibroblasts
500 Karyotypes from the skin fibroblasts
Karyotypes from the chorion after the miscarriage
400 Karyotypes from the chorion after the miscarriage
Examinations by Fish method
300 Examinations by Fish method

About the company Over 30 years of practise with cytogenetic examinations

After 20 years of executing cytogenetic examinations with Diagnoza Medical
Laboratory situated at ul. Kurczaba 3 in Kraków, we decided to create Kariogen Cytogenetic Laboratory in 2009.

We are part of the National Chamber of Laboratory Diagnosticians, under the number: 2957 and are signed into the registry of non-public health care facilities. Since 2022, it has been part of the Gyncentrum Group. Kariogen Cytogenetic Laboratory is situated at ul. Mehoffera 10 in Kraków.

We specialise in post and prenatal, cytogenetic examinations.

Our patients:

  • Kids with birth defects, improper, psychomotor development and puberty disorders
  • Adults with e.g. infertility, miscarriages and with plans with procedures in assisted reproduction

In this time we executed a few thousand karyotypes and gained experience in the field of cytogenetics. In recent years we expanded our examinations with prenatal diagnostics (amniocytes from amniotic fluid, chorion, etc.), as well as, examination of samples after the miscarriage (chorion). Through the continued collaboration with Poradnia Genetyczna Kostyk i Kruczek, the patients can receive a full diagnostic consultation in our office.


Our offer The extent of research

Cytogenetic examination of lymphocytes in the peripheral blood

Cytogenetic examination from the lymphocytes in the peripheral blood is a primary examination to determine the patient’s karyotype.  Karyotype analysis…

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Cytogenetic examinations of amniocytes from amniotic fluid and chorion biopsy – prenatal diagnostics

Cytogenetic examination of the fetus is a primary examination for prenatal diagnostics for the pregnancies with higher risk of genetic…

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Cytogenetic examination of chorion after the miscarriage

Approximately 10 – 15 % of pregnancies end with spontaneous miscarriages. Explaining the reason for miscarriage is very important for…

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Cytogenetic examination of skin fibroblasts

In the cultured skin fibroblasts we can execute the cytogenetic examinations for: biochemical (metabolically, genetically derived diseases) and molecular. Cytogenetic…

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Who we are Our team

lab diagnostician Jolanta Komenda
lab diagnostician
master's degree in biology Julia Śmierzchalska
lab diagnostician
Master in Biology Bogusława Krzykwa
lab diagnostician, specialist in laboratorial medical genetics, supervisor of the lab
Master of Biology Magdalena Kiszko
lab diagnostician, specialist in laboratorial medical genetics
Doctor of Medical Science Anna Dyrka
lab diagnostician
Master of Laboratory Medicine Katarzyna Kamska
lab diagnostician

Examinations Price list for examinations

Cytogenetic examinations for prenatal diagnostics and fetal sample after the miscarriage do not include the cost of procedure of collecting the material.

Type of examination
Waiting time *
Karyotype from lymphocytes in the peripheral blood
up to 7 days
Karyotype from skin fibroblasts
up to 28 days
FISH method examination from prenatal diagnostics
up to 3 days
Karyotype from amniocytes
up to 15 days
Karyotype from chorion
up to 15 days
Karyotype from chorion after the miscarriage
from 14 to 21 days

cooperation Our partners

Poradnia Genetyczna Kostyk & Kruczek Spółka Partnerska Lekarzy
ul. Wieniawskiego 64, Krakow Registration: 12 418 84 60
MWU DOBREUSG Centrum Diagnostyki Ultrasonograficznej Marcin Wiecheć Agnieszka Nocuń Lekarze Spółka Partnerska
ul. Gen. Fieldorfa-Nila 14/JU3 31 - 209 Kraków
Centrum Medyczne Semedica
ul. Rozrywka 24a 31-419 Kraków
Hi-gen Centrum Medyczne
ul. Wielicka 42A lokal B1 (1 piętro) 30-552 Kraków
Synevo Sp. z.o.o.
Ul. Zamieniecka 80/401 01-158 Warszawa

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